The Written Word

What I Have

My size and beauty 
Show no might 
To quell encounters 
From evil flight 
I stand as you 
In storm and glow 
To see, to meet 
A fearful foe 
Moraied worlds come and pass 
Wrap then release me 
In this valley vast 
I stand as you in storm and glow 
I cannot fear 
I cannot feel 
I give you what I have 
My size and beauty 
Bear a seal 
The stars will ever last 

-Alice Sciore

Come To My White 

Here where I stand 
Plainly aware 
Moments momentous 
Known not through sight 
Come to my white 
Their fierce flight 
Wrapped and released 
Whirling worlds 
Far off from the end 
The beginning starts again 
Again to see 
Repeat an ill 
Again to bear the past 
To rise above both storm and glow 
As will this valley vast 
Fragrant serenity at my feet 
Wafts away in the air 
To purposely perpetuate 
You where you stand 
There plainly aware.
- Alice Sciore / First Prize Winner


the Art in Your Life
The Art in Your Life is where you find it.
It may be your definition, translation, preference.  You may exclude it from all other but
art galleries, museums and great artistic achievements of the past.  
It may be seen in your day to day world as you drive the Killington Flats, so incredibly well designed. 
The tall spires of a faded weed with fragile feathery tops blowing in the wind. 
 A Maserati, or Bentley speeds past, that well shaped boulder placed as a memorial, a statement at a newly formed river’s bend by a worker who simply had to do this.  
Then in view, a rare building, a sudden unexpected turn in the road revealing 
a memorable scene
Brief glimpses of what stirs and moves the spirit.
Other far removed things, a Microchip, Blackhawk Helicopter, present day stealth, fighter bombers, stir the mind.  
This raises the question of great mystery, “What is art ?”, and reminds me of 
“Much of what we know and have would not exist without the arts”.

- Alice Sciore 

The Gift…The Time by Butterfly (Bobbi Jo Davis)
There was a time I saw the world through open eyes…..then realized they were not

There was a time when everything was as it should be……then realizing it was not

There was a time….then realizing there was no time

When the eyes start to open there is no turning back…only hesitations. Hesitations, perhaps, to allow time to process that which is there. That which was always there but never before seen in such a light. Moving forward involving new insights to carve a path on which to walk. A path wide enough for others to follow. What sense is there to see wonders…feel wonders…without being able to open internal doorways for others to step through. For others to experience, learn, behold and then pass on. The gifts from within are more bountiful than those around us. It is from those internal gifts that the true beauty of the world is able to be realized. Once the gift has been openly received and experienced… wonders are unlocked before our very eyes. The same eyes that have gazed so many times at the same things….the same things perceived from a different out look, a different view, and perhaps even from veiled eyes. One can not see with eyes alone…to do that is to truly not see…to be blinded from perspective. To feel a tear roll…to feel the warmth from a smile is to begin to repair the gift that was there lying dormant from within…waiting for us to accept…to open…to live. To close your eyes to see…to feel…is to begin the opening of ones gift. It is the start of the awakening…the start of the eyes opening to the world around. The beginning of understanding. To not fear embracing that which has been blessed upon us. A gift waiting for each of us to open when we are ready to appreciate the splendor of what is there. A true gift that never stops growing within…giving without…loving infinitely. 

Breathe deeply…close your eyes…relax…exhale…open your eyes and start seeing the radiance and splendor…using every cell of your being…not just to live…to be alive.

There was a time I saw the world through open eyes…..then realized they were not…now realizing how to open them.

There was a time when everything was as it should be……then realizing it was not…now realizing it was because my eyes, my being was not open to the gift.

There was a time….then realizing there was no time…then realizing time is just a perception. Opening up internally to experience life with meaning…Is the time.

-Butterfly (Bobbi Jo Davis) July 23, 2010 after viewing Paedra Bramhall's Website

"Those who evoke conversational discord when posed with an adverse situation only add havoc to an already volatile conundrum…The wise will invoke constructive conversation to quell the disputatious nature of the situation and premeditatedly infuse peace into the resolution of the mired enigma."

-Bobbi Jo Davis July 11, 2012" after viewing Paedra Bramhall's painting

SweetMeet by Linda Santucci Fondulas 

In the hollow of solitude 
Visions fixed beyond 
Love, beyond intimacies, 
Burrow into my soul and 
Bury keen images-- 
Indelible, indigo images-- 
Where soon enough, solace feeds. 

Then homecoming a white hero 
I feebly nibble 
Turning a blue crumb over and over 
In claws of anxious expectation. 

Until we speak--when the sweetmeat 
Falls, spewing bitter pieces, 
On a well-made floor. 

- Linda Santucci Fondulas
Woodstock, circa 1975


                                                           Irene by Cathy Quaglia

She screamed from the sky
unleashing her storm fury
sending torrents of rain
brooks became raging rivers
she tossed boulders, plucked trees
heaved them into the Roaring Brook
consumed whole farmhouses
feasted on historic covered bridges
fields flooded, hillsides slid away
country dirt roads didn’t stand a chance
highways collapsed into chasms for miles
disconnecting towns from each other
Kent Pond rose and filled with mud
from Thundering Brook
but the loons kept calling
and we will rise above the rubble
to display our autumn beauty
and a wintry landscape of snow

© Cathy Quaglia
Killington, Vermont August 2011