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Annual Report 2011

Annual Report for the Town of Killington                                    January 3, 2012

The Killington Arts Guild is thriving in the upstairs Gallery at Base Camp Outfitters/Cabin Fever Gifts thanks to the generous sponsorship by Diane and Mike Miller.  While there are still many folks who are unaware of the fine art on display by member artists, the Chamber Mixer held in May at the site welcomed many new visitors and helped local business owners to become more aware of this jewel in our town. 

The Guild, for the past twelve years, has been offering free to the public programs related to the ARTS on a regular basis and fee-based workshops for interested persons and artists to begin an interest or to improve their skills in their medium or a new medium.  This past year we were honored to have Peter Huntoon host a two day watercolor workshop in his specialized approach to paint and water and those attending experienced his passion for his craft up front and personal.  We are delighted to announce that he will be returning this coming spring, April 28-29, to again instruct and delight.

A notable achievement this year was the establishment of our web site – killingtonartsguild.org –originally designed by Jon Curtis and Sally Curtis and currently redesigned and revised by our web master: Susan Wacker-Donle, one of our members specializing in photography.  Please visit the site and view Alice Sciore’s watercolor design that graces the pages, Jerry LeBlond’s photographs of the Gallery and gain information about the Guild’s members, programs, and special events planned for 2012.

We have a very active Board as can be attested to by our Treasurer and keeper of the Gallery inventory- Mike Young.  However, we have other tasks going unattended so if you are interested in the ARTS and would like to volunteer please contact us.  sdck@vermontel.net

Sally D. Curtis, President