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October 7, 2015

Support for fine art in the Rutland region

By Robert Pye / Killington Arts Guild

"Big" by Alice Sciore
The Guild would like to bring attention to an opportunity for artists and art lovers in the Rutland region. The Killington Arts Guild began operation in 1998 and is currently at the start of a membership drive. Its members enjoy the enthusiasm and like-minded friendship of local artists, so consider joining them.

Much has been said and done in the past few years to build interest and participation in art around the Rutland area. Those efforts have resulted in numerous shows and varied art activities, some of which have been truly remarkable.

The Killington Arts Guild (KAG) recognizes the validity of all art and welcomes as members any kind of artist or art supporter, no matter the medium or style. That said, please be aware that the organization limits gallery displays and openings to fine art. KAG feels that crafts and folk art are well represented in the area by events and other organizations and wishes to offer residents and visitors a venue that they can count on to consistently display fine art. The members-only shows offer originals of professional photography, fine painting, and sculpture of glass, paper, metal, acrylic, and stone as well as writing and mixed media. Prints are very high quality and are limited in number.

The KAG gallery is located on the second floor of the Base Camp Outfitters/Cabin Fever Gifts, Route 4 directly across from the Killington access road and next to the new Killington Welcome Center. This prime location offers very high traffic during fall foliage and the winter ski season, and strong traffic in spring and summer. KAG currently hosts four member shows that follow the seasons. KAG also offers educational events and supports other area organization throughout the year. Please visit the Guild’s website at www.killingtonartsguild.org for more information and a good look at who they are.

Normal individual membership is $25 per year but during the membership drive, the Guild will offer artists and art supporters a one-year full membership for $20. Membership checks in the amount of $20 can be mailed to the Killington Arts Guild, 2363 Route 4, Killington VT 05751.

Please feel free to contact the Guild via email at its website or give a call to Robert Pye (Membership Committee) at 802-483-6890 for general questions or details.

See more at: http://mountaintimes.info/support-for-fine-art-in-the-rutland-region/#sthash.kjpL0eIF.dpuf


Sally Curtis Honored as Patron of the Arts

By Gerrie Russell

Patron of the Arts Sally Curtis / PHOTO: Susan Wacker-Donle

At the Killington Arts Guild opening reception for their new show “Where I Am”, Sally Curtis was honored as a Patron of the Arts. Sally served as President of the Guild from 2011 through 2015 and during her tenure was instrumental in creating the Meet the Artist Series, the Summer Arts Series held in conjunction with Killington Resort and the expansion of the gallery space. Mike Young, current President, thanked Sally for her service and presented her with a plaque commemorating her leadership of the Guild.

Oils, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, photography and print books are all on display at the gallery.

The space showcases local artists and their work. All mediums are represented in this particular show and it will be a treat for those who visit the gallery. Susan Wacker-Donle loves Vermont but she also loves Hawaii. Her photography plus your imagination will transport you to Hawaii as you stand before her photo of Lahaina Sunset.

Examples of Scherenschnitte, paper cutting, by Edie Johnstone, where wild flowers, children and cats and mice are the subject matter, will make you smile. If you prefer more contemporary art, an acrylic collage by Mary Fran Loyd titled  “Free Range”, will attract your attention.

Lahaina Sunset by Susan Wacker-Donle

Beautiful Vermont is always represented and this show is no exception. Oils, watercolors and acrylics capture the beauty of the mountains and the meadows and our quintessential red barns are interpreted by several artists.

Alice Sciore, a longtime member and Gallery Director, is exhibiting a new piece called “Ladies of the Garden”, a watercolor on paper sculpture. Marble and acrylic are also represented in unusual and beautiful pieces that showcase the incredible talent of the artists in molding these materials.

If you are visiting Killington please stop by the gallery. It is located upstairs at Base Camp Outfitters and and Cabin Fever Gifts at 2363 Rt. 4 across from the foot of the Killington Road and is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more information visit www.killingtonartsguild.org.


May 7, 2015

PEN Women Hold April Meeting at Killington Arts Guild Gallery

By Gerrie Russell

Artist Bob Hooker / Photo: Sally Curtis 

The National League of American PEN Women is an organization of professional artists, composers and writers. It was founded in 1897 and is dedicated to it's mission of serving communities through the arts.

The April meeting of the Southern Vermont Chapter of American Pen Women was held at the Art Gallery located above Base Camp Outfitters. 

After sharing lunch the members and their guests enjoyed a presentation by artist Bob Hooker. Bob is a founding member of The Vermont Abstract Connection and his work is part of major shows throughout Vermont.

Like many artists, Bob's initial interest in art did not come through formal training. In his case his inspiration came from paint by number kits. He now has quite a collections of both paint by number paintings and string art. However, he has moved on to abstract creations using wallpaper, house paint, paper cups stuffed with newspaper that he sometimes set on fire to get free form shapes that he then paints. He started out using canvas but now also uses paper pulp attached to wire forms. By the way, the paper pulp is mixed up in a Cuisinart in his kitchen. He adds scrap metal that he finds on Vermont roads and anything else that catches his eye on any given day. Most of his work is three dimensional and his favorite part is the problem solving that comes with wanting to achieve certain effects.

Like many artists, Bob Hooker's creative juices keep flowing into new areas and now weaving is getting his attention.

Currently some of his work is hanging in the gallery run by the Killington Arts Guild. The Guild offers local artists the chance to show their work and offers visitors to the area a chance to enjoy their work. Open daily from 9 to 5, all of the art work displayed in the gallery is for sale. It is located above Base Camp Outfitters and Cabin Fever Gifts on Route 4 across from the Killington Road.

For more information visit www.killingtonartsguild.org.


Lynn Pratt Attends Killington Arts Guild Annual Meeting

By Gerrie Russell

Artist Lynn Dyer Pratt / PHOTO: Bruce Pike

The annual meeting of the Killington Arts Guild was held on Sunday, March 22nd at the Gallery above Base Camp Outfitters. A special guest for the afternoon was Lynn Dyer Pratt, a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society. Lynn started out as an architect and had her own firm but by 2012 she turned all of her attention to perfecting her watercolor painting.

Lynn explains her realistic, yet contemporary painting developed from the perfectionist nature of her background in architecture and quite naturally carried over to her painting. It doesn't matter if it's a one minute sketch or a forty hour painting, she likes things to look just so. In her paintings she enjoys focusing on certain details and highlighting them, instead of focusing on the entire scene. She sometimes takes hundreds of photos to capture the details that she likes to incorporate into her work. The hinge of a door, the peak of a roof or a single window of a house can be the detailed focal point of a painting. She believes that when you take one element of the whole, it gives you a completely different feeling. Then you are able to notice how the sun hits that one object and the shadows it forms, or the roughness and grain of a piece of wood. Those small elements are what she likes to highlight in her paintings. Lynn's paintings can be seen in galleries across the state and she participates in “Art In The Park” in downtown Rutland. For more information contact Lynn at www.lynnpratt.com.

During the business portion of the meeting Judy Intraub was elected as a new member of the board. Incumbants Jerry Leblond, Alice Sciore and Mike Young were reelected. They join current board members Sally Curtis, Gerrie Russell, Dianne Trivers, Nancy Nyerlin-Pisaano, Rob Pye, Bruce Pike Lauren Wilder and Susan Wacker-Donle.

The Killington Arts Guild offers local artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and offers visitors to the area the chance to enjoy their work. At this time the Guild is offering a special incentive to visit the gallery. Bruce Pike, a board member and accomplished photographer has donated a photo of one of Vermont's iconic red barns. It is a beautiful 13 by 19 matted photographic print and it can be yours by just visiting the gallery. The drawing will be held on March 28th. Please, only one drawing per person.

All of the artwork displayed in the gallery is for sale. The gallery is open daily from 9am to 5pm and is located above Base Camp Outfitters and Cabin Fever Gifts on Route 4 across from the Killington Road.

For more information visit www.killingtonartsguild.org.


February 18, 2015

Spring Promise

By Gerrie Russell

Photographer Bruce Pike with daughter / Photo: Susan Wacker-Donle

The Killington Arts Guild celebrated it's new show “Spring Promise” with an opening reception held on Friday, February 13th at the gallery. Friends, family and visitors enjoyed refreshments and the work of member artists in the expanded gallery space located above Base Camp Outfitters and Cabin Crafts on Route 4, Killington.

It is quite an experience to walk into a gallery and see all mediums. Watercolor, acrylics, sculpture, collage and photography are all represented. The interpretations and talent will overwhelm your senses. The depth of color in Peter Gould's “GREEN MOUNTAIN CARPET COMPANY” will let you dream of the beautiful Vermont spring that always comes even after the best of winters.

Paula Hult is a new member and captured our Green Mountains beautifully. When spring comes, flowers follow and the Bruce Pike photos not only bring to life the flowers but each has a little surprise. My favorite was “RESTING”.

Sculpture in all forms is well represented. Our talented artists turn acrylic, wood and stone intoimaginative pieces that entice you to linger a few more minutes. Robert Pye has used camplain black marble from Danby to showcase the graceful loon.

If you lean toward the contemporary, Mary Fran Lloyd sees things differently. As she explained to me, I see three people walking, she sees something entirely different. Come and see her “TRAVELERS I, II and III to see what I mean.

Our beautiful Vermont always provides inspiration and is well represented in this show. Maurie Harrington's watercolors, Edie Johnstone's paper collage and the various paintings and photos of the mountains, valleys, waterfalls and ski slopes are all there for your enjoyment now and your memories later. Photographers and their cameras will never run out of subject matter as they travel around Vermont.

The Killington Arts Guild offers local artists the chance to exhibit their work in a light filled gallery space that, as mentioned before, has been expanded. It gives us the chance to experience all the joy and creativity that is represented by these talented Vermont Artists. We think that this show is so special that the Guild is offering a special incentive to visit the gallery and enjoy the show. Bruce Pike has captured the iconic Vermont red barn in a beautiful photographic print that can be yours. This 13 X 19 matted print, ready for framing, will enhance any area of your home, make a wonderful gift or simply remind you of Vermont every time you look at it. For a chance to win, just fill out the form with your name and address as you leave the gallery. The drawing will be held on March 28th, 2015. Please, only one entry per person. All of the art work displayed in the gallery is for sale and the gallery is open daily from 9 to 5. It is located above Base Camp Outfitters and Cabin Fever Gifts on Rt 4 across from the Killington Rd.

For more information visit www.killingtonartsguild.org.


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