Killington Summerfest 2013

Killington Summerfest 2013: Art Class Schedule 
Summerfest: July 5 through August 30 – Killington Arts Guild Art Classes for the Killington Resort’s Summerfest Program are held on Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00–11:30 AM in the classroom of the Highridge Condominiums’ Activity Building. Open to community individuals at a fee of $10.00 per class. For information call Sally Curtis at 802 422 3852 or look on our web site.

July Killington Summerfest 2013 - Art Class Schedule 
Linda Kropp: Handcrafted Earwires and Earrings

Participants will create 2 different designs of ear wires from shaping wire, using chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, and side cutters. Participants will learn how to work harden metal using a bench block and mallet. Headpins, shaping wire, and a variety of beads will form the decorative portions of the earrings. Beadalon German-Style Silver-Plated shaping wire is perfect for practicing techniques until participants are skilled enough to invest in precious metal for their wire work. 
A required supply list can be obtained from or 802-422-3852. 
7/11 - 7/12
Nancy Neyerlin Pisano: Glass Mosaic Mirror Creations
Part 1 & 2, July 11-12 

Selecting and cutting opaque and translucent glass design pieces – arranging designs to glue.
A materials fee of $15.00 for these four classes will be collected at the first class. 

7/18 -7/19
Nancy Neyerlin Pisano: Glass Mosaic Mirror Creations
Part 3 & 4, July 18-19

Glass Mosaic Mirrors: complete designs and glue in place on mirror – participants can bring own small treasures or trinkets to add to mosaic designs – and grout glass designs. There will be a materials fee covering all four classes. 

Participants will cut various colors of opaque and translucent glass with glass cutters and then arrange and glue pieces around a framed mirror. The first three classes will involve cutting, arranging into a design, and gluing the cut pieces onto the mirror frame. In the fourth and final class the mosaic designs will be grouted using black or white professional artist grout and we will see our art unfold before our eyes as the grout is wiped away. Participants should bring their own small treasures or trinkets such as old earrings or jewelry (small memoirs) to add to the mosaics. There may be a materials fee for this class. 
7/25 - 7/26
Jill Dye: Watercolor Painting with ink en plein air
Part 1 & 2, July 25-26 

Location to be arranged near facilities and accessible in Vermont’s beautiful landscape

Participants will paint in the tradition of the French Impressionists, en plein air – with watercolor. Jill will present a demonstration painting and then each artist will create a work inspired by the location. Come ready for action with your own chair, water container, a hat, comfortable clothing and insect repellant (just in case). A beverage and snack will add to your enjoyment. Materials: 2 quarter sheets of watercolor paper 11 x 16 or smaller attached to a hard backing (cardboard is okay), watercolor brushes – flat and round, palette with watercolors, uni-ball roller pen – permanent and/or water soluble as both give different effects. Bring what you have and we can fill in with class supplies. Jill highly recommends that you have your own sketchbook for this class and beyond as this will help your observations, drawing and painting skills and will make your time in Vermont even more beneficial. 


August Killington Summerfest 2013 - Art Class Schedule

8/1 - 8/2
Edie Johnstone: Zentangles / Experimenting with repetitive patterns, art principles, and new techniques
Part 1 & 2, August 1-2.
Drawing skills are not a prerequisite.
Exploring this form of drawing will sharpen your focus, expand your creativity and enhance your skills. Zentangles are a way to practice focused art meditation through drawing by using repetitive lines, marks, circles and shapes. Specific patterns are called ‘tangles’ and are combined to create ‘tiles’ or small square drawings. No previous experience is required. Supply list: participants should bring a sketch book, pencil, fine line Sharpie pen and a fine gel pen [available at Staples].
8/8 - 8/9
Linda Kropp: Knotting and Restringing Pearl Necklaces 
Parts 1 & 2, August 8-9
Participants will learn professional knotting techniques using silk thread, Swarovski pearls, French wire, and a needle tool to create an 18-inch Swarovski pearl necklace. Participants will purchase 8mm Swarovski pearls themselves—all will share the provided spool of silk thread. The needle tool will be used for creating knots and French wire will be used to attach a filigree clasp. Participants will learn how to safely cut apart an existing strand of pearls in preparation for restringing.
A required supply list can be obtained from or 802-422-3852.  
8/15 - 8/16 
Myra Grosinger: Georgia O’Keeffe Still Live Watercolors
Parts 1 & 2, August 15-16 

Participants will paint flowers by zooming in on their essential shapes for an interesting composition in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. Paper, watercolor paints and colored pencils will be provided: participants may choose to bring their own brushes.
8/22 - 8/23 
Myra Grosinger: Landscapes: Georgia O’Keeffe Style 
Parts 1 & 2, August 22-23 

Participants will look out the windows of our mountain classroom or use photos and incorporate important shapes and colors to create dynamic landscapes a la Georgia O’Keeffe style. Paper and watercolor paints will be provided: participants may choose to bring their own brushes.
KAG Summerfest Program – Framing Workshop and Gallery Hanging, to be held in the upstairs Gallery at Base Camp Outfitters/Cabin Fever Gifts, 2363 Route 4, at the base of the Killington Road. [Note change of location] 
KAG – Summerfest Art show and Reception at the KAG Gallery
August 30, 10:00–12:00
The upstairs Gallery at Base Camp Outfitters/Cabin Fever Gifts, 2363 Route 4, at the base of the Killington Road. [Note change of location]